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Toon Blast Hacks

The popular most variety in mobile and hand-held device games are proven to be match-three puzzles, and one name that has been dominating the overall revenue generation race is Toon Blast. Unlike the swapping mechanism of usual gameplay, this version is based on collapse mechanism- considered to be the old version of these puzzle genre.

The prime gameplay in this game is to gather the object with the same colour and blast them.

The added benefit of the game is the cartoon theme that creates a fascinating experience for players.

Still, the game is primarily dominated through a control mechanism of life and coins. You have a limited number of lives that expire once you fail to clear the objective. So once you are out of lives, you need to stop playing the game. For many players, these stoppage time can be tedious and thus they are in search of toon blast unlimited lives.

It reaches to the use of toon blast cheats in the game to get a sufficient number of lives. Our current post is to facilitate the gamers with these tips and toon blast hack for coins and lives.

Toon Blast Cheats And Hacks to Clear Levels with Free Coins

Know Your Boosters

In toon blast your best friends are boosters. They can be adequate to pass the levels at ease, and in turn, you can receive the coin rewards for clearing levels. But unless you know what they do, your booster can be ineffective. Know the Boosters through the following table.

Boosters What they do
Combo Boosters
Rocket Combining five cubes, you can create Rocket. Rockets clear a complete row or column based on their direction of the arrow. However, there is no rule to create specific horizontal or vertical boosters, and they come at random.
Bomb When you combine seven cubes, they from a Bomb. Bombs clear a 3×3 area from the board considering it to be at the centre place.
Disco Ball Disco balls form when you combine none or more cubes. You can clear all the Cubes of the same colour as your Disco Ball if you tap on it.
External Boosters
Hammer Hammers are not obtained by combining cubes, but they are external boosters. When you are stuck with one single cube, you can clear it up using a Hammer.
Boxing glove The boxing glove is also external boosters to clear up a complete row.
Anvil Similar to Boxing Glove, Anvils clear a complete column from your table.
Dice If you are stuck and cannot create any combo you can reshuffle the complete board using a Dice.

Even though these are obtained through a tutorial, the one toon blast hack that is not told there is the trick to use it. Never use your combo boosters immediately as it is created. Bring it to down where you find the hardest obstacle. Use it against your obstacles and get the maximum benefits.

Spending coins to buy boosters is not our suggestion. Instead, use the toon blast cheats to get Boosters and use them effectively. Coins are not refilled, but life does. So, better spend life but not Coins against purchasing boosters.

Combine Boosters And Create a Bigger Blast

The efficient toon blast hack to clear your board is to use a combination of Boosters. Out next tips are on combining boosters to create a more significant effect. Following is our toon blast cheats:

Combination Effect
Two rockets It will clear the row and column entirely. Rockets may be the same direction or different directions.
Rocket and Bomb Clears three rows and three columns
Disco ball and Rocket All the cubes of the same colour of disco ball are converted to Rockets, and they remove the rows and columns accordingly.
Disco ball and Bomb All the cubes of the same colour of disco ball are converted to a bomb, and it explodes.
Two bombs It clears a massive explosion.
Two disco balls It clears all the cubes from the board. It is the handiest toon blast cheat code to remove any obstacles.

If you follow the gameplay appropriately, you will not require any toon blast mod apk to clear your levels.

Best Toon Blast Hacks to Earn Boosters

Open Star Chests

Star Chests are an excellent toon blast hack to grab boosters. As you play each level, you will collect stars. You can receive from one to three stars at the maximum in each level. These stars fill up your chests, and when you reach twenty stars, you get the opportunity to open the chest.

Star chest toon blast hacks provide you with some coins and two other boosters. These boosters can be useful to clear your next levels.

Collect More Toon Chests

Apart from the star chest, there is another toon blast hack in the game that earns you with all the elements you want. You will get coins, boosters from the toon chest rewards. Also, your life meter fills to whole five lives as you open the toon chests.

This toon blast hack is available in the game after every ten levels in the game. So your primary aim is to reach 10th, 20th level and so on.

However, if you are playing with toon blast hack apk, these options may not work correctly. You will still open the chest, but the rewards would not be significant.

Toon Blast Cheats to Earn Free Unlimited Coins

Play the Game And Achieve Levels

The primary toon blast Cheat to make Coin is to finish the Levels with a minimum number of moves. When you clear all the obstacles and achieve the goal, but you have some steps balance, you get additional coins as a bonus.

Help Your Friends

Sending lives to your friends is the essential toon blast tips to get Lives in return. But there is added benefit also. As you send Lives to your friends or teammates, you will receive some coins in return. Even though you do not receive Lives, the coin rewards are apparent. So send Lives to unlimited friends and collect toon blast unlimited coins.

Join a Team

The game is enjoyed more when you join a Team. Besides other benefits and rewards, the first thing you receive joining a Team is 100 coins. It is a onetime gift from the developers to boost your coin economy. Never miss this toon blast hack at the beginning of your game and enjoy some coins also.

But if you are playing the game with toon blast hack apk, you may not find teams to join as everyone else wants to keep their Team secure from the ban by developers.

Connect With Facebook

Facebook connection is another straightforward toon blast tips to receive a primary boost in your coin count. Apart from the benefit of saving your game account and frequently switching to other devices, you will receive bonus coins that would be handy when you lack in Coins and want to grab some.

Through Facebook connection, you can find friends who can be your toon blast cheat code to earn more lives also.

Easy Toon Blast Cheats to Earn Lives

Share Lives With Friends

The best part that is liked in the game is not to worry for lives. When you are out of lives, your friends and teammates are there to earn them. Frequently put your request to your friends for Lives, and they can send you one life at a time. It is the only tips to earn toon blast unlimited lives.

Another toon blast Cheat in this regard is to have multiple accounts in the game. When you have some more game account, you can send lives back to your primary account without any hesitation.

Purchase Lives

When you use our above toon blast cheats to earn coins, you will possess enough coins out of which you can spend some to buy Lives. When all your options are explored still you need Lives, you can get the filled up through 100 coins. Purchasing five lives in 100 coins is not a tough thing to do.

Wait For Refill

Lives get refilled through time. If you are out of the game for some time, the life refilling continues in the background. So when you are done with all the toon blast cheats above take a break, and when you come back, you will get your lives filled up.


Many of you are in search on how to hack toon blast and land up on using toon blast mod apk. We highly recommend you to stay away from using any modified version of the game as they are vulnerable to your device.